Medication Management

Sometimes we need to take medication to help our brains function properly, just like any other organ in the body. Medication management starts with a thorough evaluation to determine what is not working properly in the brain and find the right medication to treat. I work collaboratively with families to ensure safe and effective treatment with routine appointments every 1 to 3 months after medication is started. The goal is to stabilize symptoms to return to optimal function as quickly as possible.

Patient Consultation

Do you question if your child was given the right diagnosis? Have they made some improvements but continue to struggle significantly? Are you unsure about their medication or not seeing progress? After a few months in psychiatric treatment, you should understand the diagnosis and feel confident and comfortable with the direction of treatment. If you are not, ask for a second opinion. We can complete a thorough evaluation and make treatment recommendations for your current provider.

Professional Consultation

I have extensive experience working every level of psychiatric care for over 20 years. I provide consultation with individual providers who want to improve their general psychiatric skill and/or consult on difficult or complex cases as they come up. I am skilled with systems in psychiatry and consult with larger behavioral health agencies that are struggling with the psychiatric component of their program. I have extensive knowledge that I want to share to improve the quality of psychiatry in Oregon. I also provide in-services and training on psychiatric issues to non-medical, community agencies such as schools, foster care, etc.

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