Definition of a Position StatementA document produced to describe the goals of a positioning strategy for a product or brand. 

At Kids Inc. we consider your kids our product and their future our business. We have created Position Statements which are ways to promote five key areas that we feel have the most potential to shape effective habits and behavior to last a lifetime: Reading, Attachment, Nutrition, Sleep and Discipline. 

Our Position Statements provide you the most up to date research to help you make informed decisions. We continually update our position statements as information becomes available.  

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Exposure to books is linked to academic achievement and more successful futures. 


Attachment is an active process between a child and parent/caregiver.


Our diet has hijacked our taste buds for the ease of processed food and the cheap thrill of eating junk.


Adequate sleep is essential for good health, but it is not automatic for many people. 


The role of discipline is to teach children what they need to know to become adults.